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My name is Mark Baker and I study Environmental Science at American University in Washington D.C.. Self expression is something that is very important to me. I hope to continue to do scientific research in the field and further societies sensitivity to the issue of our world's environmental health. I have been mentoring on StudentConnect for 6 months and it’s been the best experience helping prospective students understand life in the US, the US university process and living on campus. Looking forward to mentoring more!


I'm an art hybrid that loves to debate, live big, and write poetry. I'm passionate about LGBTQ issues, the arts, and I love mentoring people on StudentConnect. It is a real satisfaction to know that I had a hand in assisting prospective students to study in the US.

Nolan is currently about to start his 2nd Year American University, Major in PR & Strategic Communications with a minor in creative writing.

Finding the right mentor on SC platform has helped me with my entire application process. Having someone to guide me from the beginning was extremely beneficial. Now I am so ready for my transfer to Texas AM University to continue my chemical engineering studies.

Studies Chemical Engineering at a local Malaysian University.

My name is Kimberline, but I would really rather be called Kim instead. Currently a medical student at Duke University. I have been with StudentConnect since its birth. Amazing platform for mentors and prospective students. I have mentored, recruited mentors and written on the StudentConnect blog. I have loved the experience and will continue contribute as much as I can.


My name is Hyo Hee Park and I'm a rising sophomore starting at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities this coming Fall. I started my first year at American University Washington, D.C. studying Psychology and I absolutely loved it. The stunning weather, politically active people and diverse events and culture - there's nothing more I can wish for. Despite goodbyes, I can't wait for another exciting journey in Minneapolis! Working on StudentConnect has given me the opportunity to meet new people, earn some money and extend my resume.


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