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Top 10 Tools for Writing Admissions and Scholarship Essays

Published on 19 January 2016

When you get to the point of college applications, you may feel like you own your future. You have the liberty to decide who you want to be and pursue those goals with all your energy. However, there is one...

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Am I Good Enough?

Published on 10 January 2016

Throughout high school, I was always number one. I was first in class with straight ‘A’s, and was every teacher’s favorite student; I won many dance competitions, and got gold medals for all my swimming categories. Coming into college, not...

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Published on 07 January 2016

The word “professor” somehow seems a little bit intimidating. Professors just have this aura of intelligence superiority that is somewhat terrifying. I remember when I first joined the Duke Facebook group page, there were a lot of posts surrounding professors,...

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