How StudentConnect Works

StudentConnect is a network of current college student mentors who are open to sharing their college experience and answering any questions you may have about the application process, courses, extracurriculars and general college life at the schools to which you are applying. All of our Mentors are pre-screened by StudentConnect to ensure the highest quality. The meetings are highly personalized and include a 30 minute discussion and 48 hours of time to follow up via messaging.

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Log in to view and search the profiles of Current Students available to mentor

Step 3
View mentor availability and purchase credits to send a meeting request

Step 4
Confirm a time and meet via our integrated video chat and messaging platform

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What benefits do I gain from meeting people on StudentConnect? Can't I find current students on my own for free?

    Throughout the application process you should be talking to friends and reaching out to people who have/are attending the schools you are applying to. However, we don't always know people in similar enough situations (schools, majors and interests) to get the level of detail and objective feedback we need.

    Trying to contact people on Facebook or other sources is inefficient, time-consuming and difficult. If you do manage to track people down, you're not likely to receive the quality of information you would get from our network of students who are committed to speaking with you

  • How should I best utilize the time I have? What kind of questions should I ask?

    The time is entirely yours so feel free to use it as you wish. We would suggest you use the time to ask questions about what life is like on campus, what kind of courses the students enjoy, what kind of projects they are working on in class and types of extracurricular activities, etc. You could also utilize the time to have someone critique certain parts of your application or essays. .

  • What is the cost?

    Registration is completely free. Conversation credits will be initially priced at US$25 each and will include a 30-minute conversation and 48-hours of post-conversation messaging (so you can ask any follow-ups you may have forgotten during the call). Bundles of conversation credits will also be available at a discounted price.

    When compared to admissions consultants who charge upwards of $100 an hour or $1000 per school (and certainly don't have the intimate knowledge of the schools that current students do), this is a great value for the benefits received.

  • When can I get started?

    Right now! Once you sign up for an account you’ll be able to view all of the Mentors and their availability to chat. You’ll then be able to purchase chat credits based on the number of people you’d like to meet.

If you have any other questions please contact us.